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1. Stack your spools on an upright paper towel holder
2. Mount an open-ended towel rack or, for a smaller number of spools, a toilet paper holder
3. Place a tension rod in a closet or between bookshelves
4. Hang a clothesline in a corner
5. Slide a dowel through the holes of a plastic crate or basket

6. Use a tie hanger: Just slide the ribbon through about half way, keeping the same color scheme on each hanger. Then, when you are ready to use one, just pull it out.

7. Old fashioned clothes pins: Place one end of the ribbon in the open center and wrap ribbon around entire pin. Then, you can store each ribbon "spool" in a jar, grouping by color.

8. Store losely in jars by color.

9. One very unique way to store ribbon, but not very handy if you travel to crops and such.

10. Peg-board wire rack baskets (can be found in your local hardware store in the storage department, I think. Obviously, this method can be used only if you have pegboard up on the wall.

11. You can slide a metal, plastic or wood dowel (or tension rod) in a box.

12. Get a large round keyring (found usually in most hardware stores)and some large safety pins. Clip the pin to one end of the ribbon and attach the safety pin to the keyring. Now, you just let it hang. With this keyring, you can hang it from just about anywhere.

13. Bathroom door hanger

14. An old crate or basket with holes. If you use the crate and have a pegboard set up, you can also hang the crate on some pegboard hooks.

Since most of my ribbon/threads/fibers don't come on a spool of any kind, I found the best way for my ribbon storage needs is in a thread storage container. This can be found in any department of a fabric shop (like JoAnn's), but the least expensive department is the cross-stitching section.

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Ishadow said...

I have also seen where people use tie hanger things...those plastic things that hold ties in stores on a rack.

also I have also seen where the ribbon was twirled on old style clothes pins then put in a larger size jar..grouped by color.

Ishadow said...


is the clothes pin idea...