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General Storage

I not only have the Crop-In-Style XXL Storage Tote, I also have a tool box. YES! A tool box, actually it's the Plano Contractor's Box. I bought it at Menard's (hardware store) in their tool box section for only $40! You can get this exact same storage container in a scrap store for $120+ in color. I opted for the cheaper price and blander colors.

from Top to Bottom: 32" high
from Front to Back: 10 1/2"
from Left to Right: 18" wide
each of the top 3 drawers: 1 3/4" deep
the bottom compartment: 15 1/2" deep
Top compartment: 3" deep

The big black piece in the front gets put in place when traveling so nothing accidentally opens and spills out. On the right side, it has a place where you can wrap your extension cord for easy transport. On the left side is where you store that same black piece when you're not traveling and are actually using it. It has two wheels on the back for easy moving.

When I flip the lid open I use the lid to hold stuff too. I get almost all my supplies off my work space with this handy little guy and I get more scrapping done too!

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Katt said...

I kinda like that tool box....can you post the dimensions? Thanks!